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        江苏博利源机械有限公司成立于 2014 年,坐落在风景优美的江苏省扬州市,占地面积 6000 平方米,现有员工人数 68 人。是一家致力于泵类、鼓风机、环保设备的设计研发、生产销售、售后服务一体的高科技企业,并逐步取得了生产许可证、IS09001 认证、产品 CE 认证获得多项专利证书。自公司成立以来与多家国有企业、上市公司合作。
















公司取得了生产许可证、IS09001 认证、产品 CE 认证获得多项专利证书。自公司成立以来与多家国有企业、上市公司合作。








Several precautions for centrifugal pump manufacturers in analyzing centrifugal pumps

1. Blockage Underwater concrete fluid accumulates in the pipeline, reducing voids and pump efficiency, resulting in a decrease in total flow rate and working pressure. 2. Chemical corrosion Etching liquids or compounds that are incompatible with pump raw materials can lead to part erosion and common failures. 3. Cavitation When the suction pressure is not enough, it can lead to the formation of steam bubbles in the internal structure of the suction, which collapse on the surface of the impeller and then implode, causing rapid corrosion on a large scale and leading to common faults. Impeller damaged due to cavitation 4. Unbalance All impellers in the production and manufacturing process are balanced. If this imbalance occurs, it will result in unequal radial forces and accelerated component damage caused by strong vibrations. This directly affects the service life of the machine seal and rolling bearing, which in turn leads to the pump being ineffective too early. Centrifugal pump manufacturer 5. Water hammer Water hammer is a sudden stop of the fluid, causing the opposite flow of the moment of momentum present in the liquid, which quickly moves back and forth causing vibration. Due to the forces involved, this is likely to cause the impeller and casing to crack. When oscillation occurs within the module, the impeller may become loose. Therefore, this can cause the components to come into contact with the damaged ring or rapid pump body, leading to module damage. 7. Co seismic According to the assembly of the speed controller, it can be assumed that the pump can operate at all speed ratios. Some RPMs may experience co vibration within the pump components, leading to vibration. 8. Fouling Fouling can reduce the free flow path of the solution, thereby reducing efficiency. If the pump has been placed for a period of time, growth and development will occur not only within the pump, but also in the suction pipeline of marine resources called microbial bird catching. This may lead to cavitation within the module. If a sealed impeller design is chosen and solid particles are subsequently encountered, this may block the internal structural safety channel. Some liquids with dissolved solids will separate when the fluid terminates or dries, such as those used in the use of washers, which can lead to thickening/dirt accumulation and reduce efficiency. 9. Seepage When the fluidity is seepage rather than clean table, it can cause the separation of underwater concrete fluid, but it also creates an ideal standard for generating cavitation.

Structure and Application of Self priming Pump

The self priming pump has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, low noise, precise mesh cover, precise junction box, and convenient maintenance. The structure of a self priming pump can be horizontal or vertical. For example, the WFB unsealed self priming pump is a vertical structure, while the ZX self priming pump and ZW self priming non clogging sewage pump are horizontal structures. The main components of a stainless steel self priming pump include pump casing, mechanical seal, bearings, pump shaft, gland, impeller, coupling, etc. The application range of self priming pumps is particularly wide, with self priming centrifugal pumps widely used in business fields such as electricity, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, food, coal mining, pharmaceuticals, water supply and drainage. Structure of self priming pump There are many structural types of self-priming pumps, among which vacuum pump, dosing pump, molten salt pump, corrosion resistant pump, fire pump and gear pump all flow in the direction of rotation. Then it merges with the water flowing out of the right backwater hole and flows along the volute. Due to the continuous impact of the liquid in the volute, it is constantly broken by the impeller and strongly mixed with the gas, producing a mixture of steam and water, which cannot continuously flow and separate. The mixture is peeled off by the tongue at the outlet of the volute and enters the separation chamber along the short tube. The gas is separated in the separation chamber and then discharged through the outlet pipe. Water flows into the outer side of the impeller through the upper and lower return holes. The self priming height of a self priming pump is related to factors such as the sealing gap in front of the impeller, the liquid level height of the separation chamber, and the pump speed. The smaller the sealing gap in front of the impeller, the higher the height of the self priming pump, usually ranging from 0.3mm to 0.5mm. When the gap increases, the efficiency head of the self priming pump will also decrease in addition to the decrease in self priming height. Most self priming pumps are compatible with internal combustion engines and can be installed on mobile cars for easy outdoor work.

Extra! XCMG Launches Global Search to Find "Z-Mei Pump Workers"

As a public welfare activity that focuses on the pump workers in the industry, the search for the "Z Beauty Pump Workers" large-scale public welfare activity aims to build a platform, calling on all sectors of society to pay attention to the pump workers on the construction front line, improve their skills and operational levels, and promote sustainable development of the industry. Since its launch on June 15, 2018, the large-scale public welfare activity to search for "Z Beauty Pump Workers" has attracted the attention and love of many pump workers. At present, the event has been successfully held for five seasons, with a total of nearly a thousand various competitions and training activities held, which has attracted high attention from the industry and strong response from all sectors of society. The evaluation standard for "Z Mei Pump Workers" with "good character and strong skills" as the core content has become widely recognized in the industry. Recently, the first stop of the large-scale public welfare activity "Z Beauty Pump Workers" (Season 6) was held in Zhuhai, bringing care and warmth to local pump workers, and transferring knowledge and skills. Dozens of excellent pump workers participated in on-site training, theoretical testing, and practical competitions. Public welfare training is an important part of the search for a large-scale public welfare activity called "Z Beauty Pump Workers". From pre startup inspection to fault analysis, a comprehensive training course design, professional pump truck operation guidance, and vivid case analysis, "hand in hand" guidance, and "one-on-one" teaching have enabled the on-site pump workers to gain a lot.

Musk supports heat pumps, and related concept stocks have gained momentum. Dayuan Pump and Sunrise Oriental have raised their limit

On the news, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the "third chapter of the grand plan" at the Tesla Investor Day event on March 1 Eastern Time, detailing the "path to a fully sustainable energy future for the planet". Musk divided the implementation path of this "secret grand plan" into five steps. Part of it is the use of renewable energy, which requires large-scale deployment of solar energy. The second part is the electrification of vehicles, and Musk stated that it requires the production of 20 million electric vehicles per year to achieve this goal. Tesla demonstrated the hypothesis of a fleet of approximately 85 million cars. Tesla emphasized the energy efficiency of electric vehicles. Boiling a pot of spaghetti with boiling water can drive the Model 3 for one kilometer. The third part is to shift households, businesses, and industries towards heat pumps. Heat pumps can transfer energy from the outside of a house to the inside, which will reduce energy consumption by 33 times for building heating. From an industry perspective, heat pumps have paved the way for improving efficiency. It is reported that heat pumps can be used in heating, hot water and drying. According to different heat sources, they can be divided into air source/water source/geothermal heat pump, of which air source heat pump plays a leading role. Compared to air conditioners and water heaters, heat pumps have advantages such as more energy conservation and environmental protection, better user experience, wide applicability, and low operating costs. The main disadvantages are higher initial purchase and installation costs, and larger equipment volume. Overseas heat pump technology is relatively mature, and the penetration rate in the United States and Japan is relatively high. The global heat pump installation volume from 2010 to 2020 was CAGR 6.4%, and a total of 177 million units were installed in 2020. Sales increased by 13% in 2021. The development of China's heat pump industry is clearly driven by policies. Driven by the dual carbon policy, the total sales of heat pumps increased by 13% in the 21st year, and the market size of air source heat pumps increased by 24%, reaching 22.7 billion yuan. Dongwu Securities pointed out that in the context of energy transformation, countries around the world are actively deploying heat pumps, introducing support policies and deployment goals for heat pumps, and driving the rapid development of the heat pump industry. At the same time, with the continuous maturity of heat pump technology and the expansion of application fields, the penetration rates of photovoltaic heat pumps, new energy vehicle thermal management systems, drying, and other technologies continue to increase, and the demand is improving in the long term. By 2030, the global potential heat pump market size will reach over 2 trillion yuan, with Europe currently having a low heat pump penetration rate and significant room for long-term improvement. The market size CAGR is expected to reach 26% from 2021 to 2030. Based on China's heat pump penetration rate, we estimate that China's heat pump sales volume is expected to reach 15-19% from 2020 to 2030.

Perfect ending! 2023 Work Conference of the Urban Drainage Branch of the China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association

Recently, under the guidance of the China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, hosted by the Urban Drainage Branch of the China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, supported by the Anhui Municipal Engineering Association, and undertaken by the Drainage Professional Committee of the Anhui Municipal Engineering Association, the "Water Supply and Drainage" magazine, and Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., the 2023 work meeting of the Urban Drainage Branch of the China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association came to an end in Hefei. The meeting was chaired by Li Yi, a national engineering survey and design master/deputy director of the drainage branch. More than 600 invited guests attended the meeting, including Lin Xuemei, Vice President of the China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, Xie Yingxia, Deputy Secretary General of the China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, Wang Bin, President of the Anhui Municipal Engineering Association, Jiang Yong, Director and Deputy General Manager of Beijing Drainage Group, Lin Kaiwen, Chairman and President of Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Industry Group, and leaders of provincial local water cooperatives and water companies. At the meeting, Xie Yingxia, Deputy Secretary General of the China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, released the key work of the Association in the near future. Gan Yiping, Secretary General of the Urban Drainage Branch, gave a report on the work of the Association. Liu Lichao, Deputy Secretary General of the Urban Drainage Branch, interpreted the "Three Year Action Plan for Urban Drainage (2023-2025)".

Cold and hot shock and performance test bench: help to create high-quality nuclear pump products

Nuclear pumps are the core components that ensure the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants. Compared to pump products in other fields, nuclear power pumps have higher requirements for performance, structure, materials, and inspection. Any slight negligence may cause irreversible safety accidents. Therefore, ensuring the operational reliability of such pump products and eliminating safety hazards during operation has become the primary goal of current pump companies. One of a group of domestic enterprises that focus on research and manufacturing of pumps and pump systems, has been deeply involved in the water pump market for many years. With the mission of "leading the rise of China's pump industry", we adhere to independent innovation and strive to develop and produce high-quality water pump products. Our aim is to demonstrate the strength of Chinese manufacturing to the world by driving the energy efficiency upgrade of the industrial system. In order to realize the independent design and domestic manufacturing of China's nuclear secondary and tertiary pumps as soon as possible, and ensure the safe development of the national economy, as early as 2010, we invested in the construction of a cold and hot shock and performance test bench. Cold and hot shock and performance test bench With a special investment of 25 million yuan, the cold and hot shock and performance test bed was independently designed, developed and built, covering an area of 1500 m2. It can carry out cold and hot hydraulic performance, cold and hot shock, impurities, cold and hot durability, startup, idle running and other tests of various nuclear grade pumps and pumps used in special fields, so as to achieve a fast thermal shock of 4 to 250 ℃ within 5 seconds, and sustainable hot operation after thermal shock. Compared with the stepped test data in the same industry, with the combination of high-speed data acquisition card and transient condition acquisition system, the test bench data presents a smooth curve and reaches level 1 accuracy. As one of the test benches in the domestic nuclear power pump manufacturing field, the completion of the thermal shock and performance test bench also provides a high-quality scientific research base for the localization research and development of nuclear power equipment.

Encourage the "pump" to break new paths! 2023 Supplier Conference of Sany Heavy Industry Pump Road Division Held

Spring is warm and flowers bloom, and all things revive. On March 6th, the 2023 Supplier Conference of Sany Heavy Industry's Pump Road Division, themed "Leading the Way with Strong Pump Development and Joining Hands to Explore New Roads," was held in Changsha Industrial Park. Representatives of 182 suppliers from around the world attended the event to jointly depict the new grand plan of pump road in 2023. Xiang Ru'an, Senior Vice President of Sany Heavy Industry and Chairman of the Pump Road Business Unit, and Tan Bo, General Manager, attended the conference. At the meeting, Xiang Ruan expressed gratitude to his suppliers and partners for their long-term strong support for the cause of Sany. He expressed that the two great opportunities, the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the super technology window of the fourth industrial revolution combined with the third energy revolution, have painted a beautiful future for the development of Sany's intelligence, electrification, and internationalization. He hopes that all suppliers and partners seize the opportunity and actively guarantee supply, Both sides will further deepen cooperation, work together for a win-win situation, and create a better 2023 together. Tan Bo gave a business report with the theme of "efficiency, health, and sustainability", reviewed the achievements of 2022, and analyzed the new situation and opportunities in the concrete machinery and road machinery markets in 2023. He hoped that both sides would continue to cooperate, innovate, and reduce costs, establish confidence, and work together to achieve steady progress.

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