Cold and hot shock and performance test bench: help to create high-quality nuclear pump products

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Nuclear pumps are the core components that ensure the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants. Compared to pump products in other fields, nuclear power pumps have higher requirements for performance, structure, materials, and inspection. Any slight negligence may cause irreversible safety accidents. Therefore, ensuring the operational reliability of such pump products and eliminating safety hazards during operation has become the primary goal of current pump companies.
One of a group of domestic enterprises that focus on research and manufacturing of pumps and pump systems, has been deeply involved in the water pump market for many years. With the mission of "leading the rise of China's pump industry", we adhere to independent innovation and strive to develop and produce high-quality water pump products. Our aim is to demonstrate the strength of Chinese manufacturing to the world by driving the energy efficiency upgrade of the industrial system. In order to realize the independent design and domestic manufacturing of China's nuclear secondary and tertiary pumps as soon as possible, and ensure the safe development of the national economy, as early as 2010, we invested in the construction of a cold and hot shock and performance test bench. Cold and hot shock and performance test bench
With a special investment of 25 million yuan, the cold and hot shock and performance test bed was independently designed, developed and built, covering an area of 1500 m2. It can carry out cold and hot hydraulic performance, cold and hot shock, impurities, cold and hot durability, startup, idle running and other tests of various nuclear grade pumps and pumps used in special fields, so as to achieve a fast thermal shock of 4 to 250 ℃ within 5 seconds, and sustainable hot operation after thermal shock. Compared with the stepped test data in the same industry, with the combination of high-speed data acquisition card and transient condition acquisition system, the test bench data presents a smooth curve and reaches level 1 accuracy. As one of the test benches in the domestic nuclear power pump manufacturing field, the completion of the thermal shock and performance test bench also provides a high-quality scientific research base for the localization research and development of nuclear power equipment.

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