Extra! XCMG Launches Global Search to Find "Z-Mei Pump Workers"

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As a public welfare activity that focuses on the pump workers in the industry, the search for the "Z Beauty Pump Workers" large-scale public welfare activity aims to build a platform, calling on all sectors of society to pay attention to the pump workers on the construction front line, improve their skills and operational levels, and promote sustainable development of the industry.
Since its launch on June 15, 2018, the large-scale public welfare activity to search for "Z Beauty Pump Workers" has attracted the attention and love of many pump workers. At present, the event has been successfully held for five seasons, with a total of nearly a thousand various competitions and training activities held, which has attracted high attention from the industry and strong response from all sectors of society. The evaluation standard for "Z Mei Pump Workers" with "good character and strong skills" as the core content has become widely recognized in the industry.
Recently, the first stop of the large-scale public welfare activity "Z Beauty Pump Workers" (Season 6) was held in Zhuhai, bringing care and warmth to local pump workers, and transferring knowledge and skills. Dozens of excellent pump workers participated in on-site training, theoretical testing, and practical competitions.
Public welfare training is an important part of the search for a large-scale public welfare activity called "Z Beauty Pump Workers". From pre startup inspection to fault analysis, a comprehensive training course design, professional pump truck operation guidance, and vivid case analysis, "hand in hand" guidance, and "one-on-one" teaching have enabled the on-site pump workers to gain a lot.

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