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1. The centrifugal pump manufacturer pointed out that when starting a vertical centrifugal pump, if the total flow rate is not enough or the pump head cannot meet the requirements, it may be reversed. It is necessary to immediately cut off the power supply of the switch, exchange any two of the three phase wires of the cable, and then connect and restart to proceed.
Centrifugal pump manufacturer
2. The centrifugal pump manufacturer pointed out that vertical centrifugal pumps should have personnel management methods and regularly maintain the understanding resistor between the winding resistance and the casing of the vertical centrifugal pump. If there is any problem, it should not be less than 0.5 kiloohms. If it is less than the standard value, it is necessary to remove it and dry the motor stator. After the insulation layer rises, it can be carried out.
3. When applying a vertical centrifugal pump for 300-500 hours, the abdominal oil inlet screw should be opened and filled with No. 10 automotive oil. The mechanical seal should be used to maintain good lubrication.
4. After disassembly and maintenance of vertical centrifugal pumps, the sealing characteristics need to be inspected through airtightness tests.
Vertical centrifugal pump
5. Separate the elbow from the vertical centrifugal pump and place it in a plate box. Install the elbow onto the vertical centrifugal pump. If the motor and pipeline are connected, there is no need to assemble the elbow again.
When tightening the screws of a vertical centrifugal pump, the force should be symmetrical and symmetrical, and the motor rotor should be turned while tightening. When encountering the screen, the vertical centrifugal pump should remove the anchor bolts and tighten them again.
7. The drive shaft cannot withstand all axial vertical forces, and side drive forms such as conveyor belts and transmission chains are prohibited.
8. The connection between the drive shaft and the motor shaft with a high base plate should use a coupling or chain coupling.
9. Vertical centrifugal pumps need to clarify the higher speed rotation and the higher speed rotation for on-site work.
10. Allow the liquid to enter the channel, and avoid dry running or high speed to avoid application.

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