Encourage the "pump" to break new paths! 2023 Supplier Conference of Sany Heavy Industry Pump Road Division Held

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Spring is warm and flowers bloom, and all things revive. On March 6th, the 2023 Supplier Conference of Sany Heavy Industry's Pump Road Division, themed "Leading the Way with Strong Pump Development and Joining Hands to Explore New Roads," was held in Changsha Industrial Park. Representatives of 182 suppliers from around the world attended the event to jointly depict the new grand plan of pump road in 2023. Xiang Ru'an, Senior Vice President of Sany Heavy Industry and Chairman of the Pump Road Business Unit, and Tan Bo, General Manager, attended the conference.
At the meeting, Xiang Ruan expressed gratitude to his suppliers and partners for their long-term strong support for the cause of Sany. He expressed that the two great opportunities, the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the super technology window of the fourth industrial revolution combined with the third energy revolution, have painted a beautiful future for the development of Sany's intelligence, electrification, and internationalization. He hopes that all suppliers and partners seize the opportunity and actively guarantee supply, Both sides will further deepen cooperation, work together for a win-win situation, and create a better 2023 together.
Tan Bo gave a business report with the theme of "efficiency, health, and sustainability", reviewed the achievements of 2022, and analyzed the new situation and opportunities in the concrete machinery and road machinery markets in 2023. He hoped that both sides would continue to cooperate, innovate, and reduce costs, establish confidence, and work together to achieve steady progress.

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