Several precautions for centrifugal pump manufacturers in analyzing centrifugal pumps

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1. Blockage
Underwater concrete fluid accumulates in the pipeline, reducing voids and pump efficiency, resulting in a decrease in total flow rate and working pressure.
2. Chemical corrosion
Etching liquids or compounds that are incompatible with pump raw materials can lead to part erosion and common failures.
3. Cavitation
When the suction pressure is not enough, it can lead to the formation of steam bubbles in the internal structure of the suction, which collapse on the surface of the impeller and then implode, causing rapid corrosion on a large scale and leading to common faults. Impeller damaged due to cavitation
4. Unbalance
All impellers in the production and manufacturing process are balanced. If this imbalance occurs, it will result in unequal radial forces and accelerated component damage caused by strong vibrations. This directly affects the service life of the machine seal and rolling bearing, which in turn leads to the pump being ineffective too early.
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5. Water hammer
Water hammer is a sudden stop of the fluid, causing the opposite flow of the moment of momentum present in the liquid, which quickly moves back and forth causing vibration. Due to the forces involved, this is likely to cause the impeller and casing to crack.
When oscillation occurs within the module, the impeller may become loose.
Therefore, this can cause the components to come into contact with the damaged ring or rapid pump body, leading to module damage.
7. Co seismic
According to the assembly of the speed controller, it can be assumed that the pump can operate at all speed ratios. Some RPMs may experience co vibration within the pump components, leading to vibration.
8. Fouling
Fouling can reduce the free flow path of the solution, thereby reducing efficiency. If the pump has been placed for a period of time, growth and development will occur not only within the pump, but also in the suction pipeline of marine resources called microbial bird catching.
This may lead to cavitation within the module. If a sealed impeller design is chosen and solid particles are subsequently encountered, this may block the internal structural safety channel. Some liquids with dissolved solids will separate when the fluid terminates or dries, such as those used in the use of washers, which can lead to thickening/dirt accumulation and reduce efficiency.
9. Seepage
When the fluidity is seepage rather than clean table, it can cause the separation of underwater concrete fluid, but it also creates an ideal standard for generating cavitation.

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