Structure and Application of Self priming Pump

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The self priming pump has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, low noise, precise mesh cover, precise junction box, and convenient maintenance. The structure of a self priming pump can be horizontal or vertical. For example, the WFB unsealed self priming pump is a vertical structure, while the ZX self priming pump and ZW self priming non clogging sewage pump are horizontal structures. The main components of a stainless steel self priming pump include pump casing, mechanical seal, bearings, pump shaft, gland, impeller, coupling, etc. The application range of self priming pumps is particularly wide, with self priming centrifugal pumps widely used in business fields such as electricity, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, food, coal mining, pharmaceuticals, water supply and drainage.
Structure of self priming pump
There are many structural types of self-priming pumps, among which vacuum pump, dosing pump, molten salt pump, corrosion resistant pump, fire pump and gear pump all flow in the direction of rotation. Then it merges with the water flowing out of the right backwater hole and flows along the volute. Due to the continuous impact of the liquid in the volute, it is constantly broken by the impeller and strongly mixed with the gas, producing a mixture of steam and water, which cannot continuously flow and separate. The mixture is peeled off by the tongue at the outlet of the volute and enters the separation chamber along the short tube. The gas is separated in the separation chamber and then discharged through the outlet pipe. Water flows into the outer side of the impeller through the upper and lower return holes.
The self priming height of a self priming pump is related to factors such as the sealing gap in front of the impeller, the liquid level height of the separation chamber, and the pump speed. The smaller the sealing gap in front of the impeller, the higher the height of the self priming pump, usually ranging from 0.3mm to 0.5mm. When the gap increases, the efficiency head of the self priming pump will also decrease in addition to the decrease in self priming height. Most self priming pumps are compatible with internal combustion engines and can be installed on mobile cars for easy outdoor work.

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