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This year, the branch of new energy storage - household energy storage - has suddenly become popular in the global market. The continuous rise in energy prices and electricity prices has driven the rapid application of household energy storage devices abroad.
·Liquid cooling temperature control has become a market trend
Liquid cooling system is a temperature control technology for battery temperature management, which is commonly used in air conditioning, electric vehicles, and charging stations that we are familiar with. The temperature control system plays a crucial role in the safety, efficiency, and lifespan of energy storage.
Air cooling technology has long been widely used in energy storage systems due to its simple structure, mature technology, low cost, and ability to achieve rapid delivery and deployment. As a medium - and long-term technical solution, the market penetration rate of liquid cooling will gradually increase. Why has liquid cooling temperature control become a trend in the energy storage market?
·Outbreak in Overseas Household Energy Storage Demand
Due to the skyrocketing energy and electricity prices in regions such as Europe and North America, as well as the high and unstable electricity prices in countries or regions such as Africa, the application of household photovoltaic and energy storage can improve the spontaneous self use level of electricity, delay and reduce the risks caused by electricity price increases, and obtain stable electricity support, resulting in a rapid increase in demand.
Huajing Industry Research Institute predicts that the growth rate of new energy storage for overseas households will remain above 60% from 2021 to 2025, and the total energy storage capacity for new overseas users will be close to 50GWh by 2025. The 2022 Household Energy Storage Market Size and Industry Investment Prospects Analysis shows that the global household energy storage market size in 2020 was $7.5 billion, while the Chinese market size was $1.337 billion, equivalent to RMB 8.651 billion. It is expected to reach $26.4 billion and $4.6 billion respectively by 2027.
The previous research paper of Orient Securities also pointed out that the Russia-Ukraine conflict aggravated the panic of the European energy crisis and promoted the outbreak of the European household energy storage market.
Related listed companies in the industry are accelerating their deployment in the household energy storage market. Faced with the rapidly expanding household energy storage capacity, analysts and listed companies both expressed optimism and believe that there is still significant room for growth in the market.
1. A safer working state
The threshold of liquid cooled energy storage technology is high. It is not simply systematic heat dissipation, but directly heats the electric core by circulating water pump driving coolant convection. The method is controllable and is not affected by external conditions. Moreover, it has high heat dissipation efficiency and more accurate temperature control, which can greatly reduce the risk of temperature runaway, fire and explosion. As for the liquid cooling system, the key is to ensure no leakage.
Choosing a water pump with better sealing performance can effectively solve the problem of liquid leakage in the liquid cooled energy storage system. Duopu Le has imported advanced production equipment from countries such as the United States, France, and Japan to carry out high-precision production with high surface finish. It also innovatively adopts a specially designed inlet and outlet connection method, which is tightly connected to the pipeline without gaps. In addition, imported airtightness testing equipment (leakage value: 1Pa) is used to conduct tests higher than industry standards, effectively eliminating the risk of water pump leakage.

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