Lithium dominates the world, and intelligent pumps assist the new energy lithium battery industry

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Benefiting from the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, research on new materials for lithium batteries has become increasingly popular. Among them, all solid-state lithium-ion thin film batteries are increasingly receiving attention due to their higher safety advantages. Thin film solid-state lithium batteries are a new type of lithium-ion battery with a new structure developed on the basis of traditional lithium-ion batteries. Its basic working principle is similar to that of traditional lithium-ion batteries, that is, during the charging process, Li+detaches from the positive electrode film and undergoes a reduction reaction in the negative electrode film through the electrolyte; The discharge process is the opposite. Electrolyte plays a crucial role in the process, which directly affects the charge discharge ratio, cycle life, self-discharge, safety and high and low temperature performance of thin film batteries. Taking the practical application of an all solid-state thin film lithium battery production test line as an example, a customer from Lange needs three pumps in a group to transport reagents at different time points in the electrolyte testing process, with one hour as a cycle and 8 consecutive hours of operation per day.


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